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  • Due to our ever growing popularity and demand for Wedge mouthpieces most mouthpieces are now made on an as-needed basis. As a result your mouthpiece will probably ship one to two weeks after you place your order.

  • Free airmail takes 1-2 weeks from when we ship it to reach most destinations.

  • If you would like faster shipping please select Express Post or FedEx shipping. Express Post provides tracking and usually reduces transit time 3 to 4 days.

  • Please note that customers are required to pay any applicable VAT or other import taxes on orders shipped to EU countries.

The Wedge Mouthpiece Patented
Better Sound, Comfort, Range, Endurance, and Flexibility.

Technology does make a difference in human performance. New designs in golf clubs, tennis rackets, speedskating blades, and downhill skis are examples of how new equipment designs have produced significant, measurable results. These innovations do not replace hard work and practice. They augment their effects. Why not take advantage of similar developments in mouthpiece technology by using the most biomechanically advanced mouthpiece available?

The Wedge line of mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, French horn, trombone, and tuba is the most significant innovation in brass design in decades. It was developed by a medical doctor combining an understanding of human anatomy and physiology with 40 years of experience as a trumpet player. The result is a unique oval, curved rim shape that for most players is far more comfortable and efficient than a traditional round and flat rim.

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

  • Easy Adaptation with no need for a change in your embouchure
  • A fuller sound more even response in all registers
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved flexibility
  • More endurance
  • Enhanced range
  • Better articulation
  • Less swelling

We stand behind these claims with:

  • Free shipping to most locations
  • 90 days to try the mouthpiece
  • Full refund or exchange with no hassle and no restocking fees
  • Easy sizing based on familiar brands
  • Our commitment to getting you the best mouthpiece for your needs

Who is using a Wedge?

The Wedge mouthpiece is used by members of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic, Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Kansas City Symphony, La Scala Orchestra, Boston Phil, Buzz Brass, Gomalan Brass, Presidio Brass, Philadelphia Brass, and by thousands commercial, jazz, and freelance artists all over the world.

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