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Why try a Wedge mouthpiece?

  • Proven, patented, cutting edge technology that improves performance
Wedges are used by members of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, American Brass Quintet, National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic, Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Kansas City Symphony, La Scala Orchestra, Boston Phil, Buzz Brass, Gomalan Brass, Presidio Brass, Philadelphia Brass, and by thousands commercial, jazz, and freelance artists all over the world.

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About the Wedge Mouthpiece

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

  • A more even response in all registers
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved flexibility
  • More endurance
  • Enhanced range
  • Better articulation
  • Less swelling

This is achieved without having to change your approach to playing the instrument. The Wedge rim is also the most comfortable rim made for players with braces.

In 2007 Dr Dave Harrison, a physician and trumpet player for 40 years, started thinking about how the brass mouthpiece could be improved. He began with reports that a slight wedge shaped irregularity of the front teeth, natural or produced by dental bonding, provided certain advantages to the player. Dr Harrison applied these observations, in addition to his knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and the blood supply of the face, to design a mouthpiece with a slightly different, more biomechanically efficient shape inspired by the dental "wedge". The term stuck, and the Wedge mouthpiece was born.

Who is playing a Wedge Mouthpiece?

Since it's invention in 2007 by the Wedge mouthpiece has proven itself as a superior tool for amateur and professional brass musicians worldwide. Thousands of players have converted to the Wedge mouthpiece, and have become loyal "Wedge Heads" who would not play any other mouthpiece because of the advantages provided by the Wedge design. The Wedge is being used by amateur and world class players in a wide variety of settings throughout Canada, the United states, Europe and elsewhere. Educators have introduced their students to the Wedge because it encourages a properly formed embouchure and correct playing habits in the developing player. We also have a strong following among commercial jazz and lead players worldwide. Approximately 200 new players every month are converting to the Wedge simply because it offers significant, lasting advantages not provided by any other brass mouthpiece design, without having to make major changes in how you approach the instrument.

Call Dr Dave at 877-679-3343877-679-3343 or email him if you have questions about your order or if you do not find what you are looking for.

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