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We are committed to finding the best mouthpiece for you. That is why Wedge mouthpieces in silver, silver/gold, and black Delrin plastic come with a two week trial period after which they can be sent back for exchange or refund. Detailed Return Policy


Email of the Week

Hi Dr. Dave,

Well.... you will not be getting this mouthpiece back. I received my 6.75C Wedge Trombone Mouthpiece last Saturday. This mouthpiece is amazing!! I have tried dozens of Mouthpieces over the years, and absolutely none can compare to this one. It is really amazing because my Low Range has improved to an easy Pedal F, and I can still hit a Double F consistently after playing for 2 hours straight. The sound is dark on my Rath R10, and the flexibility is better than ever. I have never been able to play as softly as I can with the Wedge Mouthpiece, and the endurance factor is huge! You have given me the opportunity to take my playing to a whole new level, and I appreciate it very much. Dr. Dave, Thank You!

Best Regards,
Craig Grubbs - Lead Trombone - Founder
Jazz Xtreme Big Band
Arkansas, USA

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Call Dr Dave at 877-679-3343877-679-3343 or email him if you have questions about your order or if you do not find what you are looking for.

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